Many individuals struggle with creating a work-life balance. Fortunately, thousands of mothers have learned how to create schedules that do have some balance. This is especially true of mom entrepreneurs. These are a few tips from these women that you may consider.

Build a Plan and Schedule

Plans clarify your goals and purpose and help you prioritize your tasks. They are key inputs for an effective schedule. Therefore, list your home and work appointments in a daily planner. Pencil in your childcare, but add in flexibility for unexpected interruptions.

Instead of focusing on a traditional work schedule, identify times when you are available. For example, if you work from home and have a baby, you may work between naps. However, if you have in-person meetings, schedule them during regular business hours. Build a clear schedule of when you work and what tasks you will complete while at work. Then add when you will be at home, kids sporting events, doctors’ appointments, or just spending time with your family.

Pursue Organization

It is challenging to get things done when you are disorganized, even if you don’t have the extra responsibilities of a family. Therefore, it is even more vital that mom entrepreneurs maintain their workplaces and homes in an organized manner. It takes time to go through piles of files and other paperwork, and you just don’t have it to waste.

Give everything a place and make sure you are well supplied for any need. Also, kid-proof your office by adding locks to your file and supply drawers, putting things away, and covering your computer.

In addition, focus on preparation. For example, get clothing out, make school lunches and create a work to-do list before going to bed. You may also consider getting up a few minutes earlier so that you have some quiet time to work, exercise or just relax before the busyness of the day begins.

Involve Your Family

If you have kids at home, they are going to want time with you. Therefore, get creative. Add an area to your office that has a small table, coloring books, crayons, drawing paper, and other activities. This allows your child to be with you without constantly interrupting your work. As they grow, you can set up a homework desk in your office. You can also encourage them to help you with your work. Something as simple as adding postage to envelopes will make them feel valued and productive.

Mom entrepreneurs have developed some valuable, innovative, time-saving strategies to balance their work and life. Consider these as you work from home or consider starting your business.