Purchase Order Financing

Purchase Order

Purchase Order Financing for Small Businesses

As a small business owner, you recognize that suppliers play a key role in your success. To build strong customer relationships, you first need solid relationships with suppliers. Triport’s purchase order financing can help you achieve these goals. Whether you’re in imports, exports or domestic production, our purchase order loans can keep your orders moving and your business growing.

Purchase Order Loan Basics and Benefits

Purchase order loans pay suppliers on your behalf. This lets finished goods and presold merchandise to ship sooner rather than later. Once customers receive their orders, we collect payment directly from them. We then subtract our fees and send you the difference.

Our purchase order loans can help producers, resellers, wholesalers and distributors meet customer expectations. This financing offers several other advantages:

  • On-time customer deliveries 
  • No increased bank debt or equity sacrifices 
  • Potential market share expansion 
  • More resources for large customer orders 

This fast and flexible funding helps keep your operations on track. Startups, cashflow-challenged companies and those without much access to capital can especially benefit. Thanks to our P.O. financing, you can stop worrying about shipping orders and focus on future growth.

Purchase Order Financing

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