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Stabilize and Simplify Your Business’s Finances By Leasing Equipment

Every small business owner knows that it takes a lot of capital to start a company and to keep it going. One of the major expenses that weighs heavily on businesses is the equipment they require to go about daily operations. Whether your company needs state-of-the-art machinery or basic appliances, Triport may be able to help you affordably get the tools you need through equipment financing.

What Is Equipment Financing?

At Triport, we offer various programs that allow a wide variety of businesses to acquire needed equipment while still holding on to some working capital. These programs benefit several different categories of companies:

  • Government/municipal facilities such as libraries, fire houses and public schools
  • Business owners lacking strong credit scores
  • Existing companies that wish to capitalize on their current equipment’s equity
  • New businesses requiring startup capital

How Does It Work?

Depending on whether you already have equipment or need to acquire some, the process of equipment leasing may vary slightly. In general, you will start with an application that describes your financial need. At Triport, we make the leasing process as simple as possible in several ways:

  • Minimal down payment
  • Up to 84-month loan terms
  • Approval within 1-5 days
  • No financial statement needed for smaller loans

What Are the Benefits?

A key advantage of equipment leasing is that it may simplify your finances by allowing you to make a single equipment payment each month rather than keeping track of multiple payment plans with different companies. Additionally, having more immediately available money gives you more flexibility in your budget. Having a bit of extra cash enables you to weather a slow month or invest in the things your business needs to thrive.

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