If your business requires employees to drive commercial vehicles, one thing you will have to be concerned with is the fuel costs. There are a few things you can do to ensure that these costs don’t become exorbitant.

Maintain Tires

Among the easiest ways to use fuel more efficiently is to maintain all the tires on all of your commercial vehicles. As long as they are properly inflated at all times, you will be able to save money. The pressure in a tire is easily affected by the outdoor temperature whenever commercial vehicles are in use. It is best to have each driver check their tires before they take the vehicle out for the day.

Monitor The Oxygen Sensor

Unless you are using vehicles that were manufactured before the 1980s, every vehicle has an oxygen sensor. They monitor the gas exhaust to ensure that the concentration of oxygen is ideal. The sensor allows the computer in the vehicle’s engine to figure out how much fuel is needed. This is one of the easiest ways to keep fuel costs down by improving efficiency by 40%.

Stick To Smooth Roads

Advise your drivers to avoid driving on roads where the surface is not smooth. The kinetic energy from the engine controls a vehicle’s forward momentum. The less energy it needs, the better for your business’s finances. When driving on uneven roads, more kinetic energy is used and this translates to higher fuel costs. Congested traffic can also increase a vehicle’s use of kinetic energy.

Keep Vehicles Moving

It is best to have your drivers avoid idling in their vehicles unless it is necessary. This is a waste of fuel. If your drivers have no choice but to be idle make sure they are in the habit of shifting to a lower gear to save as much fuel as possible. Telematics software can be used to remind drivers that when they aren’t moving for a while, they should shut off the engine. It will also tell you which drivers sit idle and for how long.

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