Your company needs a video marketing strategy in today’s digital world. An effective plan stays on top of current trends and helps you remain competitive in your industry.

Better Conversion Rates

Including a video in your email communications boosts your click-through rate, driving more traffic to your website. Placing these visual communications on your landing pages significantly increase your conversion rates. Online users are likely to watch short, engaging videos.

Visually explaining products or services makes viewers more likely to act and purchase your items or hire your services. People process the most information via sight. Seeing entertaining and valuable content helps with the decision process and encourages people to patronize your business.

Videos optimized with compelling descriptions and titles with links to your landing pages, services and products give potential clients an easy path to the next step in your marketing funnel.

Improved Search Engine Ranking

Websites that include videos rank higher in search engine results. They grab users’ attention and keep them active on your website for a longer time. People who view your content are more likely to check out other website pages, lowering your bounce rate. This exposure time signals to search engines that you have a trustworthy site with quality content.

Engaging Content

Video marketing entails experiences, descriptions and demonstrations that are easy to consume. It eliminates the need for reading lengthy product specifications or service explanations, allowing potential consumers to see your product in action.

When organizations present useful knowledge in a compelling, entertaining way, people are likely to view the business as valuable and relevant. Additionally, when viewers require the services you offer, they are more likely to recall your company.

Increased Social Shares

Videos generate more shares than images and text combined. When viewers share your content, you gain the benefits of word-of-mouth advertising and improved brand recognition. Social platforms now focus on video capabilities with new share features. People are most likely to share content that is entertaining, creative and emotional. More shares give your business increased credibility.

Enhanced Customer Relationships

The use of video gives insight into the personality of your company. It connects with audiences and changes how customers feel about and interact with the product, service or business.

Video marketing is an essential element to the success of your advertising plan. It is an affordable and effective way to connect with your customers, increase brand awareness and improve conversion rates.