With over 500 million users, Instagram is an increasingly popular platform that is right up there with other social media giants like Facebook and Twitter. If you have not considered including this network in your business’s marketing strategy, the only real question to ask is: Why not? Without a doubt, the site offers entrepreneurs an excellent opportunity for expanding brand awareness. In case you are unfamiliar with the kinds of Insta tools that are out there, here is a list of five ways this platform can help you grow your brand.

1. You Can Cross Promote Content

Do you have loyal customer followings on other social platforms? If so, you can easily invite them to join you by linking accounts and sharing your Insta posts across networks. Because people can change preferences on social apps, this can be a smart way to stay in touch with all of the fans who already love you, regardless of how they are connecting.

2. You Do Not Have To Overwhelm Your Audience

A great thing about Instagram is that using it is about more than just advertising. Unlike other forms of marketing that consumers often see like fliers, billboards and commercials, social media offers businesses a more intimate and personalized product promotion experience. This helps reduce the risk of annoying potential customers with “ad only” tactics.

3. You Can Interact With Followers

One of the best aspects of this social network is the opportunity it can give you to interact with followers. When people comment on your posts, take the time to respond. Thank them or answer questions. This can give your audience a positive impression of what your brand stands for.

4. You Can Repurpose Content

Another perk of using Instagram is the ability to reuse content from other accounts- including your own. One marketing strategy when you are out of fresh ideas is to go through past posts and update evergreen content that newer followers can benefit from. In addition, consider the accounts of other companies in your industry. You can find ways to add value to your profile by repurposing relevant posts from others. If you do, however, make sure you credit wherever you found it.

5. You Can Come Up With Creative Hashtags

The land of Insta is a land of hashtags. If Shakespeare ever wondered what is in a hashtag, the answer would have been: A lot. Unique to certain social platforms, these interactive tags offer an engaging way to spread your content.

If you are looking for ways to grow your brand, make sure to include this marketing method in your toolbox. By allowing you to combine strategy with creativity, it offers a lot of potential.