Although there are many forms of digital marketing available today, the old-fashioned email list has many distinct merits. Not only is it a very affordable means of contacting customers, but it is also almost universally accessible, even for those patrons who are not as technologically adept. Consider a few ways you can use email marketing to increase your business’s sales.

1. Incentivization

One of the great things about email is that it reliably reaches its target audience at a specified time. Although it is possible that some customers do not regularly check their email, direct communication is still more dependable than simply posting something on an app or on social media. You can take advantage of this quality by sending out time-sensitive incentives over email. These offers may include coupons, special promotions or simply a sneak peak of upcoming merchandise.

2. Personalization

Email marketing is also highly customizable. Instead of creating an ad and using it as a broad net to reach a number of interested parties, you can take a more targeted approach by directly emailing those who you expect to be responsive. Additionally, you can send different messages to people who may use different products. For example, if you own a clothing store and some customers consistently buy the same brands or styles, you could create a few different emails to send out based on these personal preferences.

3. Collect Data

Some advertisements, especially ones such as the banners that pop up on a person’s computer, make it difficult to measure effectiveness. With emails, however, you can more easily keep track of how often and in what ways recipients respond.

4. Don’t Overdo It

A final tip to keep in mind as you consider how your business will capitalize on its email list is that more is not always better. Be careful to not send so many emails to customers that they become frustrated with a cluttered inbox. This may cause your email list to shrink as people unsubscribe. Additionally, make sure the messages you do send are worthwhile. Messages that don’t offer helpful information or special incentives may not be well received.

Your business may choose to implement a handful of different marketing strategies in order to entice customers to give your products or services a try. While a varied approach is usually smart, be sure to not leave out email marketing. This method may seem a bit old-school, but it is highly cost-effective and customizable.