Email marketing

Email Marketing

Using Email To Approach Marketing Holistically

With all of the available froms of digital marketing, many people may assume that sending emails to consumers is a thing of the past. To the contrary, email still plays a vital role in a strong, holistic marketing approach. We at Triport are experienced in using this form of communication to foster the growth of your business.

Why Email?

One of the most advantageous features of our email marketing services is that they give you as a business owner a means of sharing information directly with interested parties. This allows you to focus your efforts on a preselected group of people who are likely to invest in your products or services. Additionally, these customers are likely to feel a greater connection with your company as this is a much more personal means of interaction than a banner ad or social media post. As an added bonus, emails are more cost-effective than many other forms of marketing media.

Our Strategy

Given all of the potential benefits of email marketing, we at Triport make the very most of the emails your company sends out. By collecting data about how consumers respond to these messages, we are able to modify the types of emails you send to maximize their effectiveness.


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